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Last week I went to Paris to document the STAKS band rehearsing and routining some new songs. The band arrived a few hours before me. I had an event that I needed to attend early in the morning in central London. I then raced over to St Pancras International Station and caught a train to Paris, Gare du Nord. Then straight to Studio Bleu. It’s a quite well known rehearsal complex for bands & artists. When I arrived, I got straight on it, as they say, and started to shoot the band who were working on some new material. Firstly, it wasn’t the full band, but, about 9 or 10 members. Bearing in mind STAKS are normally about 16 ish strong. This was the first time I had heard some of their new songs. Well, I have to say, they are truly AMAZING. I have been working with Staks for about 2 years now and this, for me, was a real watershed. Hearing the new material was incredible. This band are not only amongst the best musicians in the world, but with these new original songs, they are as a band, ‘WORLD CLASS’. No wonder so many serious artists want to play with them. I know I may have said this before, but, Steve Winwood, Sam Moore, Paul Carrack, Beverley Knight, Jack Bruce and others have performed with STAKS. Steve Overland is now a permamant fixture and lead singer with STAKS, which has lifted the band to a new level. The rehearsals were basically to work through the new songs over 3 days. STAKS have a big gig coming up in West London on December 3rd. It will be at Under The Bridge, Chelsea FC. It’s a double headline - STAKS & IZZY BIZU. If you havent yet seen this band, get yourself to this gig. If you have already seen them, then no doubt, you will be there & back for more of this amazing music.

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